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  1. Abide by遵守,承担 11. approve 赞成,批准 19. beat(in)战胜

  2. account for解释,说明 可作及物动词 win 赢得

  为某事负责,共计达 approve of 赞成

  3. accuse sb. of指控某人做某事 12. argue 20. be absorbed in 专心于

  charge with指控 argue about 论争 immersed in 沉浸于

  blame for指责 argue against/for 赞成/反对 indulged in 沉溺于

  Sentence判决 argue into doing 说服某人做某事 interested in 感兴趣于

  4. act 13. arise from 由…引起 21. be acquainted with 熟悉

  act as充当 result from 由…引起 22. be ashamed of 为…羞愧

  act on按…行事 derive from 起源于 23. be bound to 一定

  act 14. ask be destined to 注定

  act for 代理 ask about sb. 问候某人 be doomed to 注定

  5. adapt…to 适应 ask for 请求见到 be determined to 决心要

  adjust to 调整 ask after sb. 问候某人 be apt to 易于

  be accustomed to 习惯于 15.associte…with 联想到一起 be inclined to 倾向于

  be used to 习惯于 connect 联结起来 24. be build up of 由…制成

  6. add join 参与 be made up of 由…组成

  add to 增加 link 联结 consist of/in 构成/在于

  add up to 总计为 16. attach to 使附属于 25.be supposed to 本应该

  7. adhere to 坚持 17. attend 到场,出席 26. bear in mind 牢记

  8. allow attend on sb. 服侍 27. back up 支持

  allow for 把某事考虑进来 attend to 照顾,办理 28. believe in 相信

  allow of 允许(多用于否定) 18. attribute to 归因于 29. benefit from 获益于

  9. appeal owe to 归因于 30.blow away 刮走

  appeal to 呼吁,请求 ascribe to 归因于 blow down 吹倒

  appeal for 请求支援 contribute to 贡献于 blow off 吹掉

  10. apply blow out 吹灭

  apply for 申请 blow up 爆炸

  apply…to 将用于 blow over 平息风暴,争吵

  31. break away with 脱离,逃跑 35.call at停放,拜访某地

  break oneself of sth. 改掉本人的… call for, call for Mary要求,需要

  break the news to 泄露消息给… call forth引起

  break into tears 突然大哭 call in来访

  break into a quarrel 突然大吵 call off取消

  break into qieces 摔得粉碎 call on拜访

  break into sb’s house 闯入某人家 call up打电话

  break off/break out 断绝关系,结束/爆发 36. care about看重某事,介意

  break through 突破 care for喜欢,照顾,关心

  break up 打碎,散会,终止 care to do sth喜欢,要

  32. bring about实现,使发生 37.carry away拿走

  bring it along with sb随身携带 carry forward推进,发扬

  bring down降价,使(政治团体)失败 carry on继续

  bring in生产出,带入,提出 carry through执行,贯彻指示

  bring forth使产生 38.cast light on阐明

  bring back带回来,使恢复 cast a glance at瞥一眼

  bring out说明,表现出,出版 39. catch at 抓住(一根绳子/机会)

  bring up抚养,提出,呕吐 catch hold of抓住

  33.burn down烧毁 catch a glimpse of瞥见了

  burn up烧毁 catch sight of看到了

  34. buy in大批买进某物 catch onto理解,明白

  buy out买下全部股份 catch one’s breath歇口气

  buy sth. for cash现金购买 catch up with追赶上

  buy sth. on credit赊购 come up with提出

  keep up with保持

  put up with容忍

  40. change改变 48.cover up掩盖,掩饰

  change one’s mind改变主意 49. cut across抄近路穿过,对直通过

  change sth with sb与某人交换某物 cut back削减,急忙返回

  change sht for sth. 用某物换某物 cut down削减,减少

  change into用某物换某物 cut in插嘴,打断,超车

  41. charge转变成了,换上衣服 cut off切断,阻断

  charge sb for充电,指控 cut out割去,删去

  He will charge himself with that 50. deal with对付,处理,论述

  42.check in/out /up入住/离店/核对 51. devote to致力于

  43. cheer up高兴起来 dedicate to献给

  clear away清扫干净,天放晴 52. die down变弱,逐渐消失

  44. clear打扫 die out消失,灭绝

  clear away 清除掉 die of死于

  clear up清扫干净 53. dispose of去掉,销毁,处理

  clear out 清除出去,走开 54. do away with废除,去掉

  45. come do without没有…也行,将就

  come about清除出去,走开 have nothing to do with与…没有关系

  come across偶然碰到 do good/harm to对有利/有害

  come around /round醒转过来 do one’s best尽最大努力

  come into effect/operation生效/开始运行 55.draw in(火车、汽车)进站

  come off发生,举行,脱落 draw on临近,运用,利用

  come on到来,快点儿,进步 draw up起草,制订,使停住

  come out出现,显露,出版,发表,结果 56. d r o p by/in顺便访问

  come through活下来,成功 d r o p off让…下车,睡着,下降

  come to 苏醒,总计为 d r o p out退出,退学,离开

  come up to 比得上,符合 57. be engaged in从事于

  46. convince sb of 使某人确信 be engaged to和…订婚

  47. count on/count up指望/总计 58. enjoy oneself玩得快乐

  59. experiment on 做…实验 70. give away赠送,泄露

  60. expose sth to 将某物暴露于 give back送还

  61. face up to正视,面对 give in认输,放出,分发,用完

  62. fail in在某方面失败 give off 散发出(气体)

  fail to do未能做某事 give out 发出,放出,分发,用完

  63. fall落下,跌倒,下降,减弱 give rise to导致,引起

  fall back on求助于,转而依靠 give up放弃

  fall behind落后 give way to让路给,让位于,被替代

  fall in with与…一致,符合,支持 71. go after追求,设法得到

  fall through失败,落空 go ahead开始,进行

  fall out with与…反目 go along with赞同,支持

  64. feel for摸索,寻找 go around/round流传,足够分配

  feel like意欲,想要 go by 时间过去,遵守

  65. figure out算出,推测出 go down 下降,减少,被接受

  work out算出,制订出,解出 go for 支拿,袭击,目的在于

  make out分辨出 go in for喜欢,致力于,从事

  66. full in out 填写表格 go into 详述,调查,研究,从事

  67.find out 查明,发现 go off 不再喜欢,爆炸,成功进行

  68. gain access to 获得 go out 熄灭,停止运转,过时

  69. get/put across 解释清楚 go over 仔细查看,检查

  get along(with) 与…相处 to through 检查,经历,遭遇

  get at 到达,知道,领会,意思指 go up 上升,被炸毁

  get away 走开,离开,逃脱 go without 不享受,没有也无妨

  get by 通过,过得去,过活 go wrong 出毛病

  get down 从…下来,写下 72. hand

  get down to sth. 开始,着手做 hand down 伟下来,伟给

  get in 进入,参加,收获,收回,插嘴 hand in 上交

  get by heart 记住,背诵 hand out 分发

  get off 下车,动身离开 hand over 移交,交付给

  get out of 逃避,改掉 73. hang about/around 闲荡,逗留

  get over 克服掉 hang on 等待片刻,抓紧不放

  get rid of 摆脱 hang up 挂起来,挂断电话

  get the best of 从中得到最大益处 74. head for 向…走去,驶向

  get the better of 占据上风,胜过 75. help oneself to 自取所需

  get through 通过,完成,接通电话,花光钱 76. hold back 阻止前进,忍住,抑制

  get to 到达,触及 hold on 所至住不放,等一会儿

  hold onto 紧紧抓住

  hold out 伸出,坚持要求,不屈

  hold up 举起,耽搁

  77. impose on 强人所难,欺骗 84. lie in 在于

  78. keep an eye on 留意照看 85. line up 使排成行,排队

  keep back 隐瞒,保留,阻止 86. live

  keep down 限制,控制,降低 live on (靠某人 某事)生活

  keep off 使不接近,避开 live through 度过,经受过

  keep on 继续,反复地做 live up to 遵守,不辜负期望

  keep to 遵守,信守,坚持 87. look after 照料,管理,关心

  stick to 坚持 look at 看

  adhere to 坚持 look back 回顾,回头看

  79. knock down 打倒,击倒 look down upon 看不起

  knock out 打昏,击昏 look for 寻找

  80. lay 置放,铺,设置,布置 look forward to 期待着

  lay aside 放在一边,储蓄 look in 顺道访问

  set aside 储蓄 look into 调查,观察

  put aside 储蓄 look on 参观

  lay down 放下,规定,制订 look out 注意,留神

  lay out 安排,布置,设计 look over 把…看一遍,温习,查看

  lay off 下岗,辞退 look through 游览,通读

  81. leave look up to 尊敬,敬仰

  leave alone 听其自然,别管 88. lose heart 失去信心

  leave behind 忘了带,留下 lose one’s head 不知所措

  leave for 动身前往 lose one’s temper 发脾气

  leave off 停止,中断 lose one’s way 迷路

  leave out sth. 漏掉 lose the track of 失去对…的联系

  82. lend itself to 有助于,适合于 89. major in 主修

  83. let 90. make for 走向,导致,促成

  let alone 别碰,别打扰,更不要说 make sense 讲得通,有意义

  let down 让…失望 make up(for ) 补偿,弥补

  let in 容许进入,漏水,反衣服弄窄 make way for 开路,让路

  let loose 放松,释放 make from 由…制成

  let off拜谢,放过,宽恕 91. mix up 混合,搞混

  let out 放走,释放,发出,泄露 92. object to 反对,不赞成

  94. pass away 逝世 93. occur to sb. 使某人想起

  pass out 失去知觉 102. remind sb of sth. 使某人想起

  95. pay back 偿还,回报,报复 103. resort to 诉诸于

  pay off 还清,得到好结果,取得成功 104. result in 导致后果

  pay up 全部还清 result from 由于会么而造成

  96. pick out 挑选,选择,采摘 105. ring off 挂断电话

  pick up 拣起,中途搭人,学会 ring up 打电话给某人

  97. play a joke on 和某人开玩笑 106. run away with(感情等)战胜,不受约束

  play a part in 扮演角色,发挥作用 run down 贬低,减少,精疲力竭

  play with a toy 玩弄,摆弄 run into 偶然碰见

  98. pull down 拆毁,拉倒,拉下,降低 run out of 用完,耗尽

  pull in (车船)进站 run over 碾过,很快看一遍

  pull off 脱衣等,实现 run through 贯穿,济览,花光

  pull on 穿 戴 107. scale down 按比例缩小

  pull out 拔出,(车船)驶出 scale up 按比例放大

  pull up 使停下 108. see about 办理,安排

  99. put across 解释清楚 see off 给送行

  put away 放好,收好,储蓄 see through 看破,识破

  put down 记下,写下,镇压 see to it that 务必做到…

  put forward 提出计划 要求等 109. send for 派人去请,召唤

  put in 花费,付出时间,正式提出 send in 递送,提交

  put off 推迟 send off 邮寄,发送

  put on 穿上,增加体重 110. serve as 作为,用作

  put out 熄灭,公布,发布,生产出 serve sb right 活该,罪有应得

  put up 建造,搭起,提供膳宿,张贴

  100. refer to 提及,参考

  101. regardless of 不顾,不管

  111. set 118. step in 齐步,合拍

  set about 开始着手做某事 step up 加速

  set aside 留出,储蓄 119. stick to 坚持

  set back 推迟,阻碍 stick out 突出,坚持到底

  set down 记下,写下,放下 120. subject to 使遭受,使服从

  set apart 使分离,使 分开,拔出 121. take after (外貌)相像

  set fire to 放为烧 take apart 拆卸,拆开

  set forth 陈述,阐明 take away 减去

  set off 出发,启程,激起 take down 拆卸,写下,记下

  set out to do sth. 打算做某事 take for 把…误认为

  set up 建立,创立,架起 take/do in 欺骗

  112. show in 领进 take off 起飞,匆匆离开,脱下

  show off 卖弄 take on 承担,呈现,开始雇佣

  show/turn up 出席 take over 接收,接管

  113. shrink from 退缩 take to 喜欢,开始从事

  114. sit up 熬夜 take up 开始从事,着手处理,占去

  115. slow sown 减速 122.tell sth. from 区别开

  116. speek up 加速 123. think better of 改变主意,重新考虑

  117. stand by 做好准备,袖手旁观,支持 think of 想到,想起

  stand for 代表 think over 仔细考虑

  stand our 引人注目,清晰地显示 124. throw away 拥掉,浪费金钱

  stand up to 经得起 throw up呕吐

  stand up for 支持,维护 125. try on 试穿

  try out试用,试验

  126. turn down 拒绝,关小,调低 129. watch out for密切注意

  turn in 上交,上床睡觉 130. wind up结束,停止

  turn off 拐弯,关上,厌恶 131.wipe out彻底摧毁,消灭

  turn on 打开,开动,攻击 132. work at/on从事于

  turn out 结果是,生产,驱逐

  turn over 仔细考虑,交付

  turn to 转向,求助于 133. write off 取消,注销,勾消

  turn up出面,出席 134.yield to屈服,服从,让步

  127. wait for等候

  wait on服侍

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